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cgp sites:
Jim Geary's cgp FAQ
John Chew's cgp archives
Marlon Hill converter

Official SCRABBLE® sites:
National SCRABBLE® Association (NSA)

SCRABBLE® FAQ Ratings Converter
Ken Clark's Ratings Converter

Official North American SCRABBLE® club sites:
Club #234 Austin, TX
Club #248 Bedford, TX
Club #59 Boston, MA
Club #522 Bozeman, MT
Club #374 Calgary, AB
Club #531 Cambridge, MA
Club #194 Cape Cod, MA
Club #340 Deerfield/Skokie, IL
Club #587 Deerfield/Skokie, IL
Club #369 Gainesville FL
Club #308 Lake Oswego, OR
Club #108 Lexington, MA
Club #44 Los Angeles, CA
Club #244 Los Gatos, CA
Club #247 Madison, WI
Club #331 Manchester, NH
Club #510 Manchester, NH
Club #581 Memphis, TN
Club #83 Montreal/Cote St. Luc, PQ
Club #123 Mesa/Phoenix, AZ
Club #56 New York City
Club #40 Oakland, CA
Club #352 Pittsburgh, PA
Club #370 Portland, OR
Club #433 Sacramento, CA
Club #95 San Francisco, CA
Club #21 San Jose, CA
Club #253 Seattle, WA
Club #530   Stratford, CT
Club #3 Toronto, ON
Club #303 Tucson, AZ
Club #565 Tucson, AZ
Club #42 Twin Cities, MN
Club #402 Victoria, BC

Unofficial North American SCRABBLE® club sites:
Fort Collins, CO
Holyoke, MA
Hyannis, MA
Mill Valley, CA
North Andover, MA
North Dallas, TX
Providence, RI
Rockport, MA
Sharon, MA
West Springfield, MA

International SCRABBLE® Web Sites:
SCRABBLE® in Africa
SCRABBLE® Association of Zambia
South African National SCRABBLE® Players Association
Tanzania SCRABBLE® Players Association
Australian SCRABBLE® Players Association (ASPA)
Baulkham Hill SCRABBLE® Club
Bob Jackman's SOWPODS SCRABBLE® Site
The Electronic SCRABBLE® Club
Tile Talk: SCRABBLE® Around the World
Western SCRABBLE® Network (West Sydney/Blue Mountains, AU)
SCRABBLE® in Israel
Jerusalem SCRABBLE® Club
Tel Aviv SCRABBLE® Club
United Kingdom:
Association of British SCRABBLE® Players (ABSP)
The Middlesex SCRABBLE® League, UK

Belgium SCRABBLE® Club
Chennai SCRABBLE® Club, India
Clubs de Scrabble, French SCRABBLE®
Federation of Quebec SCRABBLE® Clubs
Malaysia SCRABBLE® Club
Racemouse SCRABBLE® Club (Trinidad & Tobago)
SCRABBLE® in New Zealand
SCRABBLE® in the Netherlands
SCRABBLE® in Thailand
Singapore SCRABBLE® Association
Spanish SCRABBLE® Players Association
Turkish SCRABBLE® Clubs

Free SCRABBLE® goods:
anamonics (compiled by John Chew)
Big Doggy's Top 15 stems
Hotspots Word Game Software by Jason Carney
Japanese SCRABBLE® words (OSPD 3)
Jonn Dalton's aa to zyzzyvas word lists
Jim Pate's list of SCRABBLE® terms
John Babina's Word-a-Day
Joyce's SCRABBLE® Mania Bingo Stems Wordlists
LeXpert for the desktop by the Ravichandrans
Musa's Word Lists
Paul Phillips' SCRABBLE® lists (7 & 8 letter bingos, 4s sorted by alphagram, etc.)
Scoresheet archives (Paul Sidorsky)
Scott Smith's alphagrams
word lists
Logophilia (a web site for word lovers by Paul McFedries)
PDA lookup/anagram software:
LAMPWords by Paul Sidorsky
Pocket LeXpert by the Ravichandrans
WordFind & WordFindPro by Graham Wheeler
tournament lookup software:
Barry Harridge's LOOK program
John Babina's WordJudge program

SCRABBLE® goods for sale:
boards & racks:
Custom Boards & Racks (Sam Kantimathi)
Custom Boards & Racks (Gene Tyszka)
Custom Boards (Peter Manzolillo)
Customized Game Boards (Mike Connally)
ZYZ Xquisite Custom Board Designs (Sam Agboh)
Boards by Ossie Mair:
Boards by Eugene Murray: 317.924.9427
books & cd-roms:
Archive: Two Word Game Classics (Joel Wapnick)
Bob's Bible (Bob Gillis)
Brow-Raisers (Tony Rasch)
SCRABBLE® Bonus Word Techniques (Trevor Johnson)
The SCRABBLE® Players Study Guide (SOWPODS)
SCRABBLE® Screensaver (pc compatible)
Word Freak (Penguin) by Stefan Fatsis
Word Gear
Ortograf (SCRABBLE® for the Macintosh)
Hasbro Interactive SCRABBLE® (pc compatible)
SCRABBLE® for the Palm
jewelry & magnets:
Sass Brown Designs: SCRABBLE® jewelry
SCRABBLE® magnets
Official gear:
Word Gear
Ann Sanfedele's T-shirts
Tiles & tile bags:
Protiles (Bob Schoenman)
SamTimer tiles (Sam Kantimathi)
Joyce DeWeese's Drawingstring Tile Bags
SCRABBLE® board rug
Custom Built Clocks
G8 Game Timer

Electronic SCRABBLE® play :
anagram programs:
The Descrambler Game
Jumble Time
let me know about any links!
online play:
John Chew's DOoM FAQ

Personal SCRABBLE® Home Pages and SCRABBLE® link sites:
Allan White
Amit Chakrabarti
Ann Sanfedele
Ben Greenwood's SCRABBLE®Club Site
Bob Lipton
Eric Harshberger
Helga Williams' Rogues' Gallery of SCRABBLE®
James Cherry's ACBot
Jim Geary
Joey Mallick
John Chew
John O'Laughlin
John Van Pelt
KC Hirai (Kanagawa, Japan)
Lawren Freebody's Good Tiles Cafe
Mark Milan's "Vuggy's SCRABBLE® Pages"
Mark Wutka's SCRABBLE® Stuff
Michael Hornung's SCRABBLE® Avenue (SOWPODS, word lists, annotated games, etc.)
Mike Wolfberg
Rick Wong
SCRABBLE® Champion's Site (René Gotfryd/Gilles Blanchette)
Vince Castellano's SCRABBLE® Tournament Online

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SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc., in North America and J.W. Spear & Sons, PLC, a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., elsewhere.

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