BAT 2011

30th Annual Boston Area Tournament

Saturday Evening: Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?

Hosted by Frank Tangredi
8:30 PM in the Concord Room

The originator of Hundredaire, Frank Tangredi, will host his fun trivia show for us this year at BAT. A total of 20 players (who play in four rounds of five players each) answer trivia questions that range from geography to books to sports to music and pass by SCRABBLE, too.

It costs $10 to enter and $100 goes to the overall winner with smaller prizes going to each individual round's winner.

Frank created this trivia game a few years ago and has hosted this fun show at the annual Green Mountain SCRABBLE challenge (Jane Whitmore's Essex, VT, annual event). Thanks to Jane for letting us use the idea at BAT 2011!

Please join us!

If you want to join in the fun, be one of the first 20 players to e-mail Frank:

The twenty slots have filled up! Frank will is maintaining a waiting list, so contact him if you want to play and if there are dropouts, you may get in!

  1. Colleen Shea
  2. Connie Creed
  3. Daniel Blake
  4. David Engelhardt
  5. Doug Szymkowiaki
  6. Jason Keller
  7. Jere Mead
  8. Joel Horn
  9. Joev Dubach
  10. Judy Cole
  11. Judy Horn
  12. Linda Oliva
  13. Linda Wancel
  14. Marjorie Schoneboom
  15. Mark Przybyszewski
  16. Michael Ecsedy
  17. Norma Marshall
  18. Puneet Sharma
  19. Scott Appel
  20. Suzette Rodriguez